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Evoia & Volos Golf                                              Evoia & Volos Golf More Photos
An unexplored area which is increasingly becoming popular, attracting more and more sailors. It is easily reached from Skiathos, and offers great opportunities for sailing holidays in the safety of the Evia channel, Triceri and Orei. There are more than 100 places you can visit.
The sailing area suits sailors of all standards, and it is located between Evia Island and the main land, and the gulf of Volos; which offers safety of strong winds and waves.

Weather and sailing information
Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Average temperature Celsius) 21c 30c 28c 28c 30c 28c 25c
Average Sunshine (Hours) 10 11 12 15 13 11 10
Wind Direction & Force N E & W 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-4
In the region of Mount Pillion the most popular Harbors and anchorages are: In the region of Evia channel the most popular Harbors and anchorages are:
Platania Pefki
Andriami Orei
Ayia Kiriaki Glifa
Ormos Trikeri Vathikelon
Milina Stilidros
Trikeri Island Karavomilos
Pigadi Raxes

Our bases:

It is the second largest island after Crete and one of the most beautiful Greek islands. Its charms are many spread all over the island, presenting a picture which is especially appreciated by all its visitors. Together with the island of Skyros, the islands of the Gulf of Evia, a part of the mainland and some small islands, it constitutes the county of Evia. Mountains and sea alternate and fashion landscapes of unique beauty that leave nothing to be desired.
It is covered by a rich vegetation both on the mountains and in the valleys, while its beaches are the undisputed "diamonds" of the whole county. The exceptionally clean seas of Evia and its crystal-clear waters invite you to explore them and to admire the unlimited beauties they hide. Adding to all the above its excellent tourist infrastructure and the unrivalled hospitality which it offers, surely make for an unbeatable place, which is ready to render your vacation unforgettable.

Man first appeared both on Evia and on Skyros during the Paleolithic Age. Particularly, in the region of New Artaki finds were discovered coming from workshops which produced stone tools. During the next centuries (1200 B.C. and later) the Ionians arrived and settled on Evia throwing out the older inhabitants, the Avandes. Chalkis, Eretria and the region of Oreon were completely destroyed by the Romans during the first and second Macedonian wars.

The roman expending domination came to an only temporary standstill when the king of Pontos, Mithridates, conquered the island, wishing to transform it into a base for his expeditions against the Romans. Around the 7th century the city of Chalkis was abandoned, as its citizens left the original site and settled in the west near the hill of Euripus, where they fortified themselves with a wall. With the fall of the Byzantine Empire and its division among the Latin conquerors, the island of Evia was taken over by three Lombard noblemen.

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