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Kassandra Peninsula

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Is characterized by its three-foot peninsulas, Namely Kassandra, Sithonia, Agion Oros. It is a place that offers great opportunities for sailing adventurous holidays and without doubt has the finest amazingly beautiful golden beaches in Greece. Most of the coast remains virtually inaccessible except by sea. For the Yachtsman who desires solitude and magnificent scenery this would be ideal and difficult to find places to match those in Halkidiki.

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Sailing conditions
The cruising area suits sailors of all standards, without the stress of long passages, as most sailing is within the three-foot peninsulas
Weather information
Month Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Average temperature Celsius) 20c 27c 27c 30c 30c 27c 22c
Average Sunshine (Hours) 10 11 12 15 13 11 10
Wind Direction & Force N E & W 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-5 3-5 3-5 3-4


  • Thessalonica: Macedonia international airport

The geomorphology of Halkidiki is interesting. It is a sloping geological table, rising from the west to the east. Thus in Kalamaria (west coast) and Kassandra we find most of the plains which are also the most fertile areas, in the center Mt. Chortiatis (1201 m.), Mt. Cholomon (1165 m.) and Itamos (in Sithonia, 811 m.) and at the eastern end the magnificent  massif of Mt. Athos (2033 m.). The three peninsulas which jut into the Aegean Sea make Halkidiki the prefecture with the longest stretch of coastline in mainland Greece. The coastline of halkidiki is estimated to be more than 500 km., comprising every type of landscape. One finds long sandy beaches in Kalamaria, Nikiti, Toroni and Ierissos; alternating rocks and trees in Sithonia; picturesque small bays in Vourvourou; and impressive rocks at the Capes of Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. Halkidiki does not have any rivers, and this is one of the reasons why the sea surrounding it, is one of the clearest in greece.    The prefecture of Halkidiki occupies the greatest part of the peninsula, the northwest section is part of the prefecture of Thessaloniki, and the peninsula of Mount Athos is an indepedent administrative district. The prefecture of Halkidiki covers an area of 2,886 sq.km. and has a population of about 80,000 which is divided among 5 towns and 69 villages. The capital of the prefecture is Polygyros, with a population of 4,000.Many of its distinctive features were known in ancient timew and many tried to find explanations for them. The ancient name of kassandra was Phlegra, that is, Place of Fire. It was believed to be the land of the Giants and the battle ground for the fight between the gods and the Giants, when the latter tried to drive the Gods from Mount Olympos. According to one legend, Enceladus, one of the Giants, was crushed  by a rock which the Gods threw at him. Thus the "earthquake" Giant is today buried in Kassandra , but, not having been killed, from time to time tries to free himself from th weight that is crushing him and his struggles result in earthquakes. All these myths are, of course, not unconnected with the geological phenomena which are evident in Kassandra: subsidence in the center of the peninsula, and steam from the hot sulfur springs af aghia Paraskevi.       At the other end of halkidiki, Mt athos was named after the giant athos who, during the famous battlea, threw the mountain at the Gods, as if it were a small stone. Sithonia received its name from Sithon, son of Poseidon. His wife was Mendeis and his daughter was Pallini. 


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