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Limnos has a great history of over 200 years for knowing very well Greek Hospitality. You can find traditional villages untouched by time and modern-day tourism. The most beautiful beaches are: Evgati, Ceros, Plati, Riha Nera, Romaikos Kolpos, and Thanos
It is located in the east part of North Aegean, approximately 30 miles sailing from Halkidiki and Sporades. It is a quiet place with many peaceful beaches, beautiful bays and dark barren rocks.

Harbors Bays
Ormos Plati
Moudros Ormos Moudra
Mirina Ormos St. Paulo
Ormos Pournias
Ormos Hefaistia

Our bases:


In the ancient realm of myth there is the account that in prehistoric times the island Lemnos (Limnos) was only inhabited by women. This island was called gynaikokratumene, which means reigned by women. In the Greek myth about the Argonauts a group of men comes to this island on their way to the land of Colchis (in the East of the Black Sea). According to this account this island was only inhabited by women, a queen named Hypsipyle ruled over this women's state. It is interesting that the women of Lemnos received the Greeks kindly. These women of Lemnos lived as self-confident Amazons on this island, their aim of life was not focused on fighting against men.
Quite obviously, this myth reflects former matriarchal life on this island. The name of the capital of Lemnos is Mirina. According to the ancient mythical tradition the first outstanding Amazon queen was named Myrina


Saint Eystratios Island
It is a small, really virgin island located 16 miles sailing from Limnos and 15 from Sporades. Life here is dependent solely from fishing and you can enjoy fresh fish at a very low cost. Apart from the main village there are a number of other coasts accessible only by yacht.
  • Saint Eftratios

Saint Eystratios is a small volcanic islet of northeastern Aegean with extent of 42 sq. km and is the third and smaller island of prefecture Lesvos (are found between the islands Lesvos and Limnos). Its ground is volcanic and its bigger valley is found in the northeastern part, in the place Alonitsi, where in the old days it was extensive vineyard. A smaller valley is found in the fringes of current village. The higher top is the "Simadi", with altitude of 298 metres. The island has little vegetation particularly in north-eastern region where a scattered forested area by oaks exists.



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