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Alonisos Island                                                            More Photos Of Alonisos

Alonisos Island

  Your sailing charter holidays will be relaxing in Alonisos. This island is thin and long and relies on donkey transportation and caique as much as motor vehicles. Many of its inhabitants are fishermen. The old capital of Alonisos is sited on the hill and was largely deserted by an earthquake in 1965. It has now been rebuilt with the old character and it is a beautiful place to visit.
Steni Vala in Alonisos is considered the sailor’s place with many of the Greek sailors visiting every year. Some of the most wonderful beaches can be found in Hrisi Milia, Kokkinokastro, Gorgi Gialos, Lefkos Gialos, Agios Petros, Kalamakia and Marpounta.  

Alonisos Island

 Alonisos Island   Near Alonissos there are many smaller islands. These are Kira Panagia with a monastery, Gioura with the cave of Cyclops, the shelter Piperi, Pappous, Peristera and Skantzoura. These islands Including Alonisos are the base of the Marine Park which is the last refuge of the Mediterranean seal Monachus – Monachus.

Harbors and shelters

  • Patitiri

  • Tsorti

  • Steni Vala


Alonisos Island

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Undulating hills rise sharply from the sea on this small northern Sporadic Island. Its rugged coast and distance from the mainland has allowed it to escape the tourist trade until fairly recently. As a result, Alonnisos is one of the most unspoiled and idyllic islands in the Aegean Sea.

The history of Alonnisos is an ancient one. In the 4th century B.C. there were numerous conflicts between the Athenians and Philip of Macedonia over possession of Alonnisos. The island was more important than island neighbor Skiathos but less important than Skopelos. In fact, Alonnisos was dependent upon Skopelos and shared its many fortunes. In the 2nd century A.D. Alonnisos was inhabited by the Romans. A period of Byzantine rule followed, during which time the now ruined castle walls were built in modern day Old Alonnisos Town. The island was ruled by the Venetian family of Ghisi from 1207 until the Turks gained control in 1538. It was only in 1830 that Alonnisos became part of the modern Hellenic state. On top of a 183 meter (600 feet) hill overlooking the entire island is the old capital, called Palio Horio, Hora, Old Alonnisos, or Old Alonnisos Town. Sadly, Old Alonnisos Town was destroyed in the earthquake that devastated the region in 1965. The capital was abandoned and the entire population moved to the port city of Patitiri. Recently, foreigners have begun buying up the abandoned buildings of the old capital and rebuilding. Today, Old Alonnisos Town is beautifully restored, with small streets, cafes, and many boutiques. The 360-degree views from the top of the hill where the town is perched make it one of the most spectacular towns in the Sporades.

All told, there are three towns on the island: Old Alonnisos Town, Patitiri, and Steni Vala. Steni Vala is centrally located on the eastern side of the island. It is easily reached by caique (small wooden boat) from Patitiri. Apart from a few tavernas, Steni Vala is where you will find the headquarters of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of the Monk Seal.

The monk seal, a highly endangered species, lives in the waters around Alonnisos. Experts estimate that there are only 20 breeding pairs remaining around the island. Once so abundant in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas that Homer and Aristotle wrote of them, their population has declined to less than 800, mostly due to humans invading their breeding habitats.


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