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Skiathos Island                                                                 More Photos Of Skiathos

Skiathos Island

  Your sailing charter vacations will be cosmopolitic in Skiathos. It is an idyllic paradise with more than 65 bays and sandy beaches, many of which you can reach only by boat. Skiathos is surrounded by nine smaller islands including Tsougria and Arkos with their verdant beaches.
Skiathos is the livelier island in Sporades with active nightlife. In the town of Skiathos you can find almost everything.  

Skiathos Island

Harbors in Skiathos

  • Skiathos town

  • Koukounaries

  • Platanias


Skiathos Island

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Of the more than 70 beaches on Skiathos only a few are heavily visited. It is still possible to find wonderful deserted beaches throughout the island although it does help to sail with your charter boat to these beaches. The island is small enough to circumnavigate with a speedboat in an hour or two. You can also take a caique (a small wooden boat) from the old harbor in Skiathos Town on a five-hour around-the-island tour. This is a fantastic way to see the island and visit its many beaches without having to ride the crowded buses with the masses.

The main beach on Skiathos is at the southern tip. Koukounaries is a kilometer-long (half mile) white sand beach on a horseshoe-shaped bay. Thick pine forests and well-tended olive groves grow right up to the white sand: the contrast of green trees, white sand, and deep blue water is truly candy for the eyes. Many people refer to Koukounaries as the best beach in the Aegean Sea. The open expanse of white sand, easy access from Skiathos Town, and its renowned beauty attract a large number of people. Despite the crowds and many beach umbrellas, Koukounaries is an amazing beach well worth the visit while you're on Skiathos.

Not far along the coast from Koukounaries is Banana Beach. Banana Beach is renowned nudist hangout, although nowadays you'll see not more than a few bare bodies. It is also a beautiful sand beach, smaller than Koukounaries and less crowded.

The northern coast of Skiathos bears the brunt of the northern winds and as a result the beaches are less popular for swimming. The northern coast is also virtually undeveloped. The only northern beach accessible by vehicle is Megalos Aselinos.

North of the airport you will find the beaches of Xanema, Yialos, and Lalaria, the latter two are only accessible by boat. The sand and pebble beach at Lalaria is set against a backdrop of cliffs and is extremely picturesque.

There are several things of interest to see and do on Skiathos apart from lying on the beach. Inland, there is the Monastery of Evagelistra, whose claim to fame is that it was the first place to raise the Greek flag during the fight for independence from the Ottoman Turks. Not far from the monastery, on top of a hill with a commanding view, is the Church of the Prophet Ilias (Elijah). From here you can hike down to the old Kastro, where the villagers of Skiathos used to take refuge from marauding pirates. It is now abandoned, but you can still walk through the impressive ruins that sit on an imposing rock peninsula. While the Kastro was in use, the only way to get onto the peninsula was by a drawbridge that has long since disappeared.
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