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20 Tips For Docking
Preparing the boat
1. Make sure all ropes are tied on - or you won't be
2. Have extra ropes ready for use - then there won't be any panic
3. Have plenty of fenders tied on - at the right height
4. Have your boat hook ready - and your deck broom!
5. Keep your decks clear of junk - it'll save accidents
6. Don't have your washing hanging out - it'll get in the way
7. Have a spare fender ready to hand - it could save the day
8. Make sure your ropes are led UNDER the guard rail - and ready
9. Decide on the length of your rope - for the berth you're approaching
10. Decide which rope to tie on shore first - to best secure the boat
10 points to bear in mind
1. Check which way the water is flowing - ALWAYS approach into tide
2. Consider the wind strength and direction - on shore or off
3. Look for back eddies - watch small bits floating, where are they going?
4. Speed of approach - keep it slow - any damage will be slight
5. Wait and see what the boat wants to do - and agree
6. Don't be afraid to change your mind. Keep calm - go around again
7. Cut out unnecessary chatter - you need to concentrate
8. Agree on your plan of action with all the crew
9. Practice makes perfect - most of the time!
10. And skipper, if you're not sure what you're going to do - say so!
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