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Docking Safely and Easily
  • Easy does itówork with the tidal currents and wind, visualizing what you will do before you do it, and use the throttle for starting or stopping momentum, not for brutal force.
  • Tie up to windward or up-current pilings first.
  • Prepare crew for your maneuvers by telling them in advance how you plan to enter or leave dock and what they will need to do.
  • Get lines, bumpers, and boat pole out of lockers and ready before they are needed.
  • If fending off is necessary, use the boat pole, not hands or feet.
  • When coming into an unfamiliar marina, radio ahead to ask for wind, current, tidal range information, and directions to your slip.
  • If tying up to a fixed dock with unprotected pilings, protect your hull with a wooden plank, with holes in each end for lines and long enough to lay across fore and aft fenders, or with a bumper strip fitted to the plank on the side facing the hull.
  • Warn crew to keep hands and feet on board until the boat is docked.
  • Keep extra docking lines, fenders, and chafing gear on board .
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