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Foul Anchoring
Anchoring on ground you know to be foul is always a dodgy business, but sometimes it may be necessary. It would be a shame to miss out on a handy lunch anchorage just because the anchor might get stuck. If for some reason you don't want to run a trip line and buoy from the anchor ­ maybe there is a lot of traffic, with the attendant risk of getting the trip line wound around someone's prop ­ try making the rode fast to the anchor's crown, and lashing it to the end of the shank with small stuff. This way, should the anchor get caught up, a bit of hard winching will break the lashing and trip it.

Don't forget to make the lashing loose, with just a couple of turns of 1/8in line and about 25mm distance between rode and shank, or it will be very hard to break. And please don't lie overnight like this; the lashing might chafe through on the bottom and trip the anchor.

You would normally use a few metres of chain, but the illustration shows rope for purposes of clarification.

Full Anchoring

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