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The Paddlewheel Effect
1.Propeller walk ­ the paddlewheel effect which pulls a boat's stern to port or starboard ­ is one of the most important factors in close-quarters manoeuvring... 2.Here we are trying to berth port side-to, with a propeller that pulls the stern to starboard in reverse gear. This dictates a shallow approach, which is not always possible...
3.Oops ­ blown it. The approach was a little too fast and when the engine was gunned into reverse to stop the boat, the prop walk pulled the boat away from the pontoon... 4.Berthing starboard side-to suits this boat much better. You can afford to come in a little faster than you would if going port side-to, and approach from a steeper angle...
5.We are still too far away to jump for the pontoon but as the propeller begins to bite in astern, the prop walk begins to pull the stern towards the pontoon... 6.The power of the paddlewheel effect can be seen by the way the fenders are flattened as the stern is pulled to starboard. Now the crew can just step off with the lines.
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