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Turning In A Tight Space
1.To find out how prop walk will affect a boat, give the engine a burst in astern while tied up. The disturbed water here indicates that the stern is being kicked to starboard 2.Prop walk can help turn a boat in a tight space. Because the stern kicks to starboard in reverse gear, we need to turn to port to take advantage of the prop walk...
3.But we don't want too much way on. So, pushing the tiller hard over, we first give her a short burst in forward gear to start her turning, then another burst in reverse gear... 4.Here the effect of the prop wash can be seen in the disturbed water. Keep the power on in reverse gear and you will feel the stern crabbing to starboard, with the boat almost stationary...
5.As soon as the boat begins to gather sternway, take the engine out of astern and engage forward gear. Give it a burst of power, while keeping the tiller hard over... 6.This will deflect water over the angled rudder and kick the stern around even faster. You may need to repeat the forward/astern bursts, depending on how tightly you need to turn
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