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Tips For Onboard Guests

Temperatures on the water are often cooler than inland, so let your guests know if they should bring any special gear. Non-skid, non-marking shoes will save you time spent scrubbing the deck later. Many people think a boat is the same as a house and may need reminding that there is finite space for personal gear on board. Duffel bags and soft luggage should be used instead of square, non-collapsing luggage. Sunglasses, suntan lotion, and a hat may be a few of the things you suggest. Extended voyaging to foreign ports presents a unique set of conditions for guests. Make sure the proper crew lists, passports, and other boat documentation are on board before having to explain things to a Customs official. Other cultures may have a vastly different way of life that should be researched before leaving. Impress upon the less traveled that the rest Safety Onboardof the world is not like home. By assigning a space for guests and their gear, you will eliminate missing items later. Explain the importance of things being where you can find them quickly and ensure that items like flashlights, handheld compasses and radios, and dividers are returned to the places where they belong.
The expression "you missed the boat" is surely nautical in nature. Little is more frustrating than waiting for missing or late crew as a beautiful sunny and breezy day ebbs by. Make sure guests are aware of departure times and know that weather conditions, tides, and currents are constantly changing and need to be incorporated into a nautical outing. Explain also that the time to rise and shine is based on the convenience of everyone aboard and the cruising plans for the day. You, as skipper, should be the first to rise and the others should follow shortly after. Make guests aware of the limited washing and toilet facilities on the boat and instruct them to be time considerate to others. Also instruct them thoroughly on the use of the marine head, the fact that there are no plumbers at sea, and the importance of water conservation when cruising between destinations. Familiarize your guests with safety and emergency proceduresSafety Onboard before leaving the dock. Explain fueling procedures, docking and departing plans. Make sure someone on board is able to take over for you and operate the VHF radio to ask for help should you become disabled. By being up front, honest, and direct with your guests, everyone on board will have a safe and pleasurable trip.
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